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If the Solstice Bites & Flights party at Equinox Restaurant is even half as fantastic as the preview, it will be one of the best summer parties this year. It’s should not be surprising, seeing as cocktails and wine and delectable, summery small bites from Equinox with my favorite couple in town Todd and Ellen Gray is a recipe for fun.

I will be returning for the party on Sunday, but for now, here’s all the details about the delightfully delicious dishes. Each of these items were made with local ingredients, a hallmark of Equinox’s cooking.

We started with meaty grilled oyster mushrooms, adorned with red onions and served on seaweed, and then moved on a to a sweet and savory fig salad, complete with arugula and hazelnuts. One of my favorite dishes of the evening followed, a bright, earthy gazpacho with housemade croutons. Cool and refreshing, the dish screams summertime cuisine. The next dish was equally as representative of summer: a peach panzanella. Shards of cheese, tomatoes, and greens rounded out the dish. My other favorite dish of the evening was the final savory item: a delicate eggplant ravioli smothered in a sweet tomato ragu and a sprinkling of grated parmesan. It was seriously too good. I want to eat it every day, for all my meals. Even breakfast!


Even though I was stuffed to the gills, I managed to inhale a perfect mini berry cobbler and a vegan tiramisu served in a chocolate cup for dessert. For beverages I enjoyed boxwood rose, which will be served at the event, as well as a cool rum runner cocktail. The drinks will be free-flowing at the party, so be sure to take advantage!

The event will take place on Equinox’s patio, as well as inside their beautiful restaurant. There will be passed dishes, desserts on the bar, grilled items, and a taco bar. Tickets are available here, get them now before the event sells out!