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Denizens Brewing Company, or “occupants of a particular place,” earned its name because the owners wants to pay homage to the beloved and loyal occupants of its neighborhood. The brewery and beer garden do just that with its great outdoor space in Silver Spring, which has plenty of seating, a bar with five flagship beers and four rotating seasonal beers, and food from the BBQ bus food truck.

Along with the opportunity to hang out at the beer garden, the venue offers tours of their indoor brewery, which includes a taste of their five flagship beers. I recently went on the beer tour, and was surprised at how much fun it was (well, I knew the drinking would be fun. I figured the tour was just the vehicle to get to the booze. But Tim, our tour guide was super engaging and the tour was interesting and informative). We learning all about the brewing process, including the difference between hops and malt flavors, the key ingredients in beer, and the different styles of making beer. The tour group also did some taste and smell tests with the different hops that go into their beers, and heard a bit of history of craft brewers in the US and Europe.

The tasting was of course incredibly enjoyable, especially because all of Denizens’ beers are awesome. Go to Denizens for the tour, stop by their beer garden with friends for an afternoon of beer drinking and housemade BBQ potato chips, and check out the list of venues that serve the beers made by Denizens so you can enjoy them every time you go out.