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In just under two weeks the guys over at Rappahannock will bringing a delectable event to Union Market in celebration of America’s favorite little mollusk, the oyster. Oysterfest will feature Rappahannock’s variety of  local oysters from the Old Salte, The Stingray, and the subtly sweet Rappahannock River oyster. Staged on Dock 5 behind the market, 3 Stars Brewery, DC Brau, and Flying Dog brewery will be serving a variety of brews to pair with your oysters, crab cake, or a Red Apron hotdog. For wine lovers, Early Mountain Vineyards will have a selection of wines to sip while you watch the live music on stage (or relaxing while your kids have fun with one of the many kids events happening). James River, Catoctin Creek distilleries, Timber Pizza Company and DCity Smokehouse will add more variety to the festival or to keep you from starving while waiting for the amazing oysters that everyone will most likely flock to. $20 gets you in, 6 oysters, and a drink ticket for beer or wine. To entice your appetite, here are some tasty photos of what you can get from Rappahannock.

DC Oysterfest is Saturday, September 6 at Union Market. Tickets are currently available.

The Crab Cake:

If you haven’t had one of Rappahannock’s crab cakes yet, then you can’t miss it at this festival. The fluffy lump crabcakes consist of a lot more crab than any of its competitors with no filler. Anyone wanting a gluten free crab cake, here’s your chance. It’s tasty, it’s amazing, and it’s worth every cent.

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The Old Salte Oyster is Rappahannocks saltiest oyster, bringing bold flavors from the sea farmed just off the coast of Chincoteague. Salt Range: 28-33

The Stingray is a slightly sweet, somewhat briny option named after the bay’s top predator that boasts a crisp finish. Salt Range: 17-22

The Rappahannock River oyster is farmed inside the Rappahannock basin which get the least amount of salt water. This full bodied oyster has a sweet taste with a surprisingly clean and crisp finish.

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