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Everyone knows that Daikaya has some of the best ramen in town. Now you get to find out why.



Next Saturday morning, and possibly other Saturdays this summer, Daikaya owners Katsuya Fukushima and Daisuke Utagawa are teaching a class called Sapporo Ramen 101, an insider look into process of making the traditional ramen that is served at Daikaya. (The class also includes a bowl of your choice of ramen: reason enough to sign up!)

The class provides a brief history on ramen, the characteristics of Sapporo ramen, which hails from a special region of Japan called Sapporo which is famous for ramen, the essential components of ramen, the importance of Sapporo noodles, which are imported from Japan and aged at the restaurant, and the proper way to eat ramen.


It’s a lot to take in, but you will come to the following conclusions as I did:

1) Ramen is really hard to make. So don’t try. Just go to Daikaya and eat theirs.

2) Daikaya makes their ramen in a very traditional style. Which means it’s the best.

3) Everything at Daikaya is for the good of the perfect bowl of ramen: the filtered water, the noodles that come all of the way from Sapporo, the miso marinated eggs, the broth that cooks for days, and the housemade toppings.

4) A good bowl of ramen is can be an epic experience: it should involve minimal talking, an abundance of slurping, and a profound appreciation of each flavor-infused, noodle-filled bite.

5) We should all eat more ramen.