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Whether you’re an avid art aficionado, a casual observer or a complete novice, sometimes there’s an energy in a show you just can’t ignore; the collection is fresh, invested in its purpose and pushing the medium’s boundaries. Such is the feel of CORCORAN’s NEXT, a showcase of the College of Art + Design’s 2012 graduating class.

Kicking off with a public reception tomorrow night, the exhibition presents the thesis work of Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates as well as those in Masters of Arts degree programs, in all available disciplines–Digital Media Design, Photography, Fine Art, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Photojournalism. And it’s this mishmash of creativity and energy that blends the lines of mediums and pushes the limit of any prescribed notion of what a thesis should be.

NEXT represents a new generation of artists and designers who will be re-entering the world to make it a newer, better place than it was before; a generation of artists who draw on inspiration from anything and everything–from their own Southern roots to architecture, from commercialism to an ancient river goddess of fertility.

NEXT runs April 12 thru May 20–for free!– and we highly recommend it. Without giving too much away (and believe us, there’s a lot to see), here’s just a sampling of the pieces in the show and some of the artists that created them….