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Photos By Clarissa Villondo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

The Blended Burger Project is an excuse for chefs to use more mushrooms in their burgers. I enjoy mushrooms so this is great. Mushrooms make burgers juicier, healthier and are less taxing on the environment. I like mushrooms so this is great.

The James Beard Foundation is heading up this burger project. Chefs around the country are encouraged to add a blended burger (the only requirement is 25% of the burger must consist of mushrooms) to their menu between Memorial Day and July 31. I like mushrooms so this is great.

The project is nationwide and open for all restaurants. D.C. is represented by Cuba Libre with their Parque Central burger (salt-cured skirt steak, chuck bye steak, and black forest mushroom burger, pickled Napa cabbage and arugula slaw on a Shiitake bun). We sampled it at the preview event and it’s unlike anything you’ll make at home. The Shiitake bun is a fun gimmick and the overall product is satisfying for any mushroom lover. I like mushrooms so this is great.

Blended Burger-810_3540

Bareburger and Nage are also participating in the Blended Burger project. Expect entries from Del Campo and many more restaurants that love meat and mushrooms.

Blended Burger-810_3545Blended Burger-810_3527Blended Burger-810_3523Blended Burger-810_3505