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Bar Dupont has decided that you need some fun in your life, and they are bringing it to you in the best way possible: by hosting a fabulous cocktail class where you get to make drinks, and then sample them to your heart’s content. It’s called the Shaken & Stirred Lab.

Beverage Manager Chris McNeal is the host of the cocktail series, which will take place every other Thursday at Bar Dupont, starting September 10, 2015. Guests get to mix their own drinks while Chris assists with guidance and instruction. Chris also offers insight into the art of mixology, detailing key ingredients and the elements of making a great beverage. The classes will have different themes, like a hot drink class, a wine-based cocktail class, a punch bowl class and so forth. Bar Dupont will keep all the classes to under 20 people so that everyone gets individualized attention. Snacks will be served and guests will have time to drink everything they make.


Having attended a preview class I can assure you this a damn good time. We made a champagne cocktail, a punch bowl, and a great cocktails called the bees knees with gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup. Making them was fun, and drinking them was even better. The class is also a great idea for a birthday or bachelorette party. The event is co-hosted by Young Winos of DC, and tickets are available on the Young Winos website.  Snag one before they sell out.