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Last years debut of Baltimore Pop Fest at Charm City Artspace boasted a dozen bands and was an all day affair in the BYOB venue.

This the year the festival, Friday, March 7th, moves upward and onward to the much bigger Ottobar and will be headlined by no less than The Pains of Being Pure of Heart.

Founded by Paul Krolian of the band Expert Alterations (whose first tape will be released Friday night), the festival exhibits Baltimore’s less talked-about niche of indie-pop, and invites out of town acts to jingle jangle as well.


Hi Paul, what’s new?

Oh, you know.

Why a pop festival?

Just a ploy to get bands I want to see to come to Baltimore. Since I set up the festival I don’t have to buy a ticket so things couldn’t get a lot better.

What’s different about this year’s festival?

The main difference between this year and last is just the venue. All the bands are just as good if not better. We moved from the wonderful, but low capacity, Charm City Art Space up to the Ottobar, which is more than double in size. Kip from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart played a solo set last year and it went really well so I asked him to bring the rest of his band along with him again for this year. Him bringing them made me have to look for a larger venue and the Ottobar seems like its going to work out just fine.

What’s your favorite pop band ever?

The Vaselines, maybe beat happening, right now Close Lobsters.

What are some songs from Baltimore Pop Fest bands that everybody should listen to right now to get ready for the show?

The pains of being pure at heart “Simple and Sure”

Sapphire Mansions “Too Shiney”

Literature “Criminal Kids”

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