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Photos By Dakota Fine and Ben Droz, Words By Brandon Wetherbee and Esther Hur

Nuit Blanche, aka Art All Night, came to DC in 2011. The 8-hour event has brought together artists of all disciplines to underutilized art venues. After last year’s trip downtown, the 7pm to 3am extravaganza returns to Shaw. So what should we expect?

More of the same. The good kind of same. The graffiti artists, DJs, poets, writers, break dancers, drummers, models, fashion designers, bands and others that made the first two years a success are coming back. And we like this. We like this a lot. Here are some reasons you might want to consider spending Saturday, September 28 hanging out in Shaw.

Check out our 2011 photos here and our 2012 photos here

Wonder Bread Factory

We love the Wonder Bread Factory. We used it this year for our Capital Pride party. Nuit Blanche used it in 2011. They’re returning to the bad-ass former industrial space. The event is free but pre-registration is requested. -Brandon Wetherbee


Location, location, location

After last year’s very excellent evening downtown, the all nighter returns to Shaw. We like that much better. We’re here. Easier to walk home. Easier to avoid whoever hangs out in Chinatown at 1am. -BW



This music/art/poetry festival is free. Why wouldn’t you go?  -Esther Hur

New friends

If you plan your evening accordingly, you’ll end up dancing in some large warehouse with well-dressed strangers, aka NEW FRIENDS! Just look at the photo! So much fun with new friends! -BW


Dinner, Art, Drinks

While your trying to grasp this cultural awakening that is happening around you, grab a meal, have a couple drinks and know what you will have just done? Supported local businesses in the Shaw community. Go. Build that middle class. -EH

Exposure for budding artists

It’s hard out there for a poet. Local poets, musicians, artists, dancers, and performers of all kinds are trying to get your attention. For example, Chrystylez Bacon is a Grammy nominated hip-hop artist from Southeast DC. He’ll  serenade you with classic acoustic sounds, West African djembe and beat boxing, all while continuing the traditional oral storytelling. That’s how much he wants your attention. -EH

Mathew Hlubny will be there

Hlubny uses mixed media to create abstract shapes often suggestive of larger patterns. He plays with positive and negative space to create conflict and tension in the eye. His work is, “My four year old could do this” type of art, but let me try to explain. Abstract art creates conflict in the most primitive form. Which is why it might look like your baby son made it. For me, Mathew Hlubny’s art creates a physical conflict in my brain. These suggestive shapes and colors are meant to create activity. He wants to see you squint and furrow your brow because of what you see and cannot make out. There might not be a social undertone, but it creates conflict. Artists also want to see you make it whatever you want, as long as you do something with it. So if you want to constitute it as something your four year old can do, that’s fine too. -EH

It’s outdoors

Art All Night is across 7th and 9th streets between K street and Florida Avenue. While all of this is going on, stroll through one of the most charming, cultural neighborhoods in the district, the heart of jazz culture, where Duke Ellington resided. Come when you want, leave when you want, come back when you want. -EH

Visit the Art All Night site for a complete list of performers and venues.