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We know there is nothing better than having a great time FOR FREE, so we are excited to tell you about this AMAZING event. While the Maison Francaise  Friday party is SOLD OUT, fear not because – The Alliance Francaise and Malmaison will be hosting DC’s additional Fête de la Musique this Saturday, an extension of the event that began in France back in 1985.


Since 1985, Fête de la Musique is now celebrated in over 100 countries as a way to bring all types of musicians and people together. The celebration will take place on June 22nd right along the Potomac.

Address: 3401 Water St, NW

If you just said, “Oh, shit I have plans,” the event lasts from 2pm-3am (get there before 12am to get in fo’ free), so hopefully you can find time to check it out. It brings together “musicians, music enthusaists, artists, food lovers, families, neighbors and strangers.”  If you fit into one of those categories (which should be all of you), you have no choice but to be there. “What artists will be there?,” you ask.


  • Honest HalowayD.C. songwriter Tim Krazter and drummer Charlie Karim are the duo that make up this “electro-pop” group.




  • La UnicaThis American group with an Irish-Latin sound  just released their first, self-titled album in April.


Good music, good food and a good time. So the only thing left to ask is…

you ready