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Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day, the day of the Valentine, Cupid’s birthday (maybe, who knows), etc. And today we celebrate the founding of our amazing country! Nope, that doesn’t seem right. It’s President’s Day, which was actually meant to commemorate George Washington’s birthday but turned into a general celebration of all of the presidents when the government was like, “this is going to happen on the third Monday of February every year because we’ll prob need a long weekend at some point.” So here are all of the places you can go to in DC to drop some Washington’s, Franklin’s, Lincoln’s, Jackson’s, Grant’s, etc for brunch.


look at those calves


You can order from the City Tap House brunch menu from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday. Some of their dishes include Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Smoked Salmon Hash with Shaved Fennel, Poached Eggs, and Fingerling Potatoes. And of course there’s alcohol. For $18 you can get bottomless mimosas and/or Bloody Marys or if you want beer their selection includes 3 Stars Ghost, 3 Stars Raspberry, and Berliner Weiss.

City Tap House Photos DC Brightest Young Things2


El Centro D.F.’s all you can eat and drink brunch goes for $35 per person. The menu is ~ stocked up ~ with dishes like Jalapeño Beef and Chorizo sliders; Buttermilk Pancakes; Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Tacos; Fried Egg Divorciados; and Breakfast Enchiladas. On to the drinks. Have a mimosa, a Bloody Maria, an El Centro Margarita, or an aqua fresca cocktail to go along with your meal then proceed to PTFO when you get home.



The brunch drink menu at Masa 14 makes it worth the visit alone. You can get a Masa Mimosa, a Lychee Bellini, a Bloody Mary and/or a Lemon Lager – all of them sound pretty good to me. Their other, also important menu includes dishes like a Pork Belly Benedict; Smoked Chicken Hash with caramelized onions; Chilaquiles; and a Crispy Smoked Brisket Bun. Brunch is served from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the prix fixe option goes for $39. Hooray for the executive branch!

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At La Sandia you can induuuuulge in your choice of the Huevos Rancheros; Enfrijoladas; Steak and Eggs, and Carnitas Sopes Eggs Benedict. They also have Mexican Chocolate Waffles on the menu which, at this point, shouldn’t be something you should have to think twice about ordering.


According to Bar Pilar, the perfect hangover cure consists of biscuit, gravy, home fries, and cheese eggs. But if you want to order something based not the uniqueness of its menu-given name there are options of the house-smoked salmon tartine;  buttermilk, fried chicken, and biscuit benedict; or pork hash. Bar Pilar’s “Baller Brunch Cocktails” include a Rotating Bellini, Pilar House Rules, Miss San Francisco, and a Baller Mimosa.

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Café Saint-Ex’s brunch menu has plenty of French-inspired dishes for if you’re feeling sort of hungry, really hungry, or hangry hungry. The Frisee Salad; Brioche French Toast; and Tuna Tartine are on the ‘lighter’ section of the menu while the Johnny Cakes; Shrimp and Grits, and Deep Dish Veggie Quiche are on the ‘heavier’ section. Also, if you’re hungover there’s a section for that too.

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WWGWD (What would George Washington do?) when faced with the brunch menu at El Camino? Perhaps the Egg and Green Chile torta; Omelette Salsa Huitlacoche; Huevos Calientes; or the Mexican Baklava.


Farmers Fishers Bakers

All you can eat? We’re in. Farmers Fishers Bakers will be offering their $30 buffet. And don’t let the buffet part scare you away, the food is still just as good as always. Do NOT miss their fried chicken. Also, get a little crazy and try one of their morning cocktails, which includes the “Corpse Reviver” … we’ll let you test that one out first.