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As DC falls deeper and deeper in throes of presidential racing, it was only a matter of time before alcohol got involved (because, what else is going to get you through?).
Lotus Lounge (1420 K Street, NW, smack in the middle of K street corridor) has figured out how to determine everyone’s favorite candidate through the – “Pick the POTUS at Lotus” competition.

Now after a long day of work speading good and evil across this city, you too can come to Lotus Lounge and order a drink named after your favorite Republican or Democratic presidential candidate.
But it wouldn’t be DC if there wasn’t a competitive element involved in it:
A computerized tally will be kept of how many drinks were ordered for each candidate and a Republican and Democratic winner will be announced right before the Iowa Caucus.

The PR package received asures us that each of the 17 drinks represents some aspect of the candidate’s personality or background.
Are your ready for this?
Barack Obama’s drink has Malibu and tropical fruit juice mixers, since he lived in Hawaii during his childhood,
Rudy Giliuani’s drink is an Apple Martini because he was mayor of “The Big Apple;”
Hillary Clinton’s drink is a Cosmopolitan since it’s pink and feminine, yet strong;
Chris Dodd’s drink includes half and half to represent his much talked about white hair,
Mitt Romney’s drink is non-alcoholic, since he does not consume alcohol (although, there is an option to add a shot of vodka). (For a complete list of drinks, please scroll below)

The “Pick the POTUS at Lotus” competition will continue with the actual Republican and Democratic candidates’ drinks through November 2008.
The winner will be announced right before Election Day.
Something tells us this is a drinking game just waiting to happen.

Left: The Ron Paul
Back Center: Raising Arizona (aka John McCain’s drink)
Right: I Heart Huckabee
Front Center: Law & Order (aka Fred Thompson’s Drin

Left: Obamarama
Back center: Hilartini
Right: Johnny Rocket (John Edwards)
Center: Impeachment (aka Kucinich)

“Pick the POTUS at Lotus” drinks (in alphabetical order, by candidate’s last name)

Sen Joe Biden
Drink name: The Joe Biden
Drink: Hendricks Martini
Why: A traditional drink for a traditional, lifetime politician

Sen. Sam Brownback
Drink name: The Brownback Special
Drink: Chocolate Martini
Why: The chocolate represents the “Brown” in Brownback

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
Drink name: The Hillartini
Drink: Cosmopolitan
Why: The drink is pink and feminine, yet strong and bold

Sen. Chris Dodd
Drink Name: Milk Dodd
Drink: Brandy, Dark crème de caoco, Half & Half, fresh nutmeg
Why: This drink will appear white to represent Dodd’s much talked about white hair.

Sen. John Edwards
Drink Name: Johnny Rocket
Drink: Southern Comfort, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice
Why: The Southern Comfort represents Edwards’ southern roots

Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Drink Name: The Giuliani
Drink: Apple Martini
Why: Giuliani was the mayor of New York City (a.k.a. The Big Apple)

Sen. Mike Gravel
Drink Name: The Gravel
Drink: Hennessey and Coke
Why: Gravel is the “dark horse” (a.k.a. longshot) candidate, so this drink appears very dark, in color

Gov. Mike Huckabee
Drink Name: I Heart Huckabee
Drink: Bloody Mary
Why: Huckabee speaks about eating healthy, so this drink contains a nutritious mixer – tomato juice

Cong. Duncan Hunter
Drink Name: The Hunter
Drink: Vodka on the rocks with tonic
Why: A traditional drink for a traditional, conservative candidate

Cong. Dennis Kucinich
Drink Name: The Impeachment
Drink: Stoli Peach, Stoli O, a splash of orange juice
Why: Kucinich wants to impeach Cheney, so this drink has a peach taste

Sen. John McCain
Drink Name: Raising Arizona
Drink: Straight Martini
Why: A straight martini for a straight talker

Sen. Barack Obama
Drink name: The Obama-rama
Drink: Goose O, Malibu, orange juice, cranberry, pineapple
Why: This drink includes Malibu rum and tropical fruit mixers because Obama lived in Hawaii

Cong. Ron Paul
Drink name: The Ron Paul
Drink: Texas Tea (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, triple sec, sweet & sour mix, and Coke)
Why: Paul is from Texas

Gov. Bill Richardson
Drink name: The Bill-rita
Drink: Cucumber Margarita
Why: Tequila and margaritas are a tradition of the southwest and Richardson is governor of New Mexico

Gov. Mitt Romney
Drink name: The Romney
Drink: Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, soda (can add a shot of vodka, if customer wants alcohol)
Why: Since Romney does not consume liquor; this is a non-alcoholic drink.

Cong. Tom Tancredo
Drink name: The Tanq-redo
Drink: Tanqueray and tonic
Why: His name sounds like a popular name of alcohol

Sen. Fred Thompson
Drink name: Law & Order
Drink: Jack Daniels and Coke
Why: Jack Daniels is a whiskey distilled in Thompson’s state – Tennessee