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Next Friday, The El Mansouris will celebrate the release of their self-titled full-length with… a farewell show.

The bittersweet evening will play out at Smith Public Trust, where the first 150 people through the door will receive a limited-edition cassette copy of The El Mansouris.

Today, BYT premieres the video for lead single “The Greys”. The El Mansouris’ bassist Drew Hagelin directed video, and he calls it “a vehicle for pretentious, trans-humanistic failure and abduction to hyper-normalized decay.” Judge for yourself.

Earlier this year, guitarist Alex Braden had this to say about the song:

“The Greys” started as a portrait of a good but struggling friend, witnessing them become less recognizable, less familiar, more dark and distant… and trying to hang on to that relationship. The song went on to deal with neighborhood change—gentrification, redevelopment, whatever you want to call it— watching DC get flipped so quickly and trying to understand the role we play in that, for good or for bad, and the privilege associated with being able to sit around and write songs about it. And with the recent election and the mass of new neighbors it will bring, a lot of us are understanding a little bit more what it can be like to have your home redefined by newcomers.

Pre-order The El Mansouris now via Babe City and DZ Tapes.