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Brooklyn’s own a place both wonderful & strange (Russ Marshalek + Laura Hajek) are set to headline a show at Rose Gold tomorrow night (Friday, 2.23). In anticipation of the gig, they’re giving us a v. wonderful & strange gift! We’re premiering APBWAS’ cover of Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever” RIGHT HERE, a full day before it’s made digitally available to the general public!


“When we were on tour in August, we listened to a lot of car jams. These filtered their way into our brains, and we wanted to release them into the world refracted by our lens. The Donna Lewis song is actually really aching and incredibly dark, so it’s perfect for us.”

Give it a listen and let us know what you think! (We’re mildly obsessed.) Also be sure to grab tickets to the Rose Gold show, // you can hang out with yours truly, #DEBATABLEBONUS!