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This one is almost there, friends.

(Potential) Gay Icon of the Week: Pinterest

I work with a lot of women. I mean, a LOT of women. You could say I am of the 1% there with no exaggeration. And I’ve heard plenty about Pinterest lately.

“Ryan, it’s like every great thing about the Internet in one place! OHMYGAWD you have like, no idea.”

“Ryan, it’s like every idea I’ve ever wanted, just handed to me!”

So naturally, I assumed I would be bombarded with photo galleries of Turkish wrestlers and video gems like these:

Turns out, not so much. But if you love weddings, baby things, and recipes, holy shit this site is for you.

Exhibit A: “Shabby Chic Wedding Cake”

Exhibit B: “Get into that Bikini Workout Chart”

Exhibit C: “Gigantic DIY Clock for Near-Sighted People Who Love Their Family”

We could be here for days, people.

But then, as I frantically tried to find the option that hides my profile so those girls from high school couldn’t see me on there, I came across a glimmer of hope… MEN’S FASHION.

And that’s when it hit me: this actually has the ability to reach gay men successfully.

Looking into it a bit more, Pinterest is reportedly dominated by the ladies. Something like a gazillion percent of users are women.

So this is where we come in. What exactly does Pinterest need to make it a totally gay icon phenomenon? Tumblr already has enough porn for us all, so that’s out.

DIY lube recipes? Groom and Groom wedding cake topper photos? The opportunities are endless. Pinterest shouldn’t just be for ladies. Let us ALL steal ideas from the Internet and later boast that we came up with them ourselves!