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Every day since the inauguration, I’ve been taking absurdly long walks in an attempt to cope with the world being on fire. (When I say “absurdly”, I mean ten to twenty mile-long strolls. Is that actually absurd? IDK. It takes me a long time, anyway.) Walking’s always been a meditative activity for me, and to say that I’ve needed to clear my head of anxiety, anger, insert-other-negative-emotions-here post-election would be an understatement. Having a playlist that doesn’t make me want to cry and/or punch a wall has also been extraordinarily therapeutic, so between tunes ‘n promenades, I’ve been pretty successful in carving out an average of two hours per day of sanity and positive reflection. Whether or not you want to hit the pavement, I figured maybe YOU would want to listen to what I am deeming my weekly Posi-Vibes Playlist starting with what I’ve had on repeat the last seven days; it’s highly subjective, and there’s no particular rhyme or reason behind the selections, but it’s worth a shot to check out, right? So here’s the first installment of that RIGHT NOW:

Until next time, STAY POSI!