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Ah, the VERY end of the year…. the time to take stock, join gyms, feverishly look for a NYE date and all sorts of other things, all of which usually smell of doom and imminent disappointment. So, to distract you from yourself, we have rounded up the dozen most popular articles that ran on BYT this year. Much like you and your reading tastes, they are as diverse and somewhat unexpected. And here they are, in descending order:

What types of questions can you ask dudes from metal bands that haven’t been asked before? Let’s be honest, at BYT we don’t care too much about the liver failure or the eight minute solo or the in-fighting. We live in DC, we want to know their party affiliations and their stance on the death penalty. So we sat down with Bill Kelliher and picked his brain about the one thing he doesn’t usually get asked about: his politics. The deer-in-the-headlights vibe we started out with soon gave way to an honest and reflective interview that he ended up saying was the most interesting he’s ever done. “Really good questions, man”, he said as he grabbed his guitar and walked out to a packed 9:30 club… READ ON:


A brief preview of Doug Aitken’s SONG 1 installation made ALL OF YOU lose your minds with excitement. Plus, you know THIS SONG:

This review of a little seen Christian romance somehow earned an earnest retweet following among the fans of the film.


Emily Wall, a DC style blogger (now in NYC-ed) caught our attention with her unique style philosophy: she managed to pare her closet down to just one tiny, perfectly edited rack. Add to that STUNNING photos by Jeff Martin and a great, insightful interview by Kate Greene, and no wonder people that cared about DC style flocked to this. READ MORE:


We actually had to take this one down and unpublish it because it kept crashing the site one time too many on election day

A simple, genius idea: a round up of completely unedited, are some heartfelt one-star Yelp reviews of DC’s finest institutions, from the White House to 930 club to Ben’s Chilli Bowl to National Gallery of Art. All of which were hilarious. READ MORE (the Komi one below was an instant classic):

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 7.22.05 AM

What can we say, you guys love to eat and drink outdoors.


This play’s run actually ended in 2010, so I think we have google search and the popularity of words “vibrator play” to thank for this one.

Well, no surprises there, ya filthy animals.


Back in the day, prior to ruling the BYT event empire with an iron fist (in a vibrating, glow-in-the-dark glove) Cale used to do A LOT of BYT interviews. We miss those days. AND THIS IS WHY (must read, please note full costume commitment below):

A surprisingly sweet interview with a porn vixen during BYT’s infamous PORN WEEK 2011, still getting plenty of google search love.



In August, Complex posted their list of The 25 Douchiest Bars in DC and for the most part it was an inoffensive, agreeable list that inspired little but reaffirmation of stereotypes: Adams Morgan is a shithouse zoo, Georgetown is too preppy and too Republican, and oh-yeah-screw-hipsters. Every phylum of douche was enumerated and cut down: college, prep, hipster, sportsbro, rich kid, club head, intern, or basically anyone that wasn’t the author. We all felt comforted that everyone can be reduced to a character type and congratulated ourselves for being “complex,” special snowflakes, incapable of doing anything or frequenting any establishment that’s… that’s douchey, right?

So what makes a non-douchey bar? Ones that don’t sponsor 7 kickball teams or have an iPod port in place of a DJ, ones that DO have staff that are chill and rarely on edge or too affected with enthusiasm. ‘The less remixed top 40 the better’ is a maxim passed down from the time of my great, great, great grandfather.

Everyone has their own idea of a douchestination, no doubt with terms narrower than my own. And no matter what bars we come up with, I’m sure there would be at least five eager volunteers to tell us why we’re wrong. That said, we think we have 25 good counterpoints (ALSO-COMMENTS ARE A MUST READ):


Feel free to revisit these and also… let us know in the comments what SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE BYT STORIES OF 2012 WERE, and try and ramp that traffic up for them.