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Most people hope to hear the two words “be mine” on Valentine’s Day, but some people hear two words “it’s over.” The pressure of a perfect Valentine’s Day leads to $60 roses, $30 chocolates and a $100 dinner. He’s feeling terrible because his whole paycheck is spent on one night, and she’s pissed because he’s eye-fucking the waitress all night.


What is expected to be the best of nights ends with a breakup, making it the worst night. While everyone is getting all lovey-dubby listening to BYT’s Spotify Valentines Day Bump & Grind mix, you’re at home watching “Love Actually” and eating away your pain with ice cream sandwiches.


In the wise words of Spike Jonze, “Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It’s like a socially acceptable form of insanity.” Fight insanity with BYT’s Spotify Valentines Day Breakup mix. Listen, subscribe and share the playlist.

You have a significant other and want that baby-making music for Valentines Day? Head over to BYT’s Spotify Valentines Day Bump & Grind mix.