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The day is full of over-priced chocolates, roses and dinners. As J-Lo once said, “Love don’t cost a thing.” Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is another made up holiday for Hallmark to cash out on.

Cash Out

It’s not about receiving roses or watching The Notebook, it’s about getting straight freaky-nasty. If you’re lucky enough to have a special someone on Valentines, why not pop on BYT’s Spotify Valentines Day Bump & Grind mix? 25 tracks of straight baby-making music.


You’re probably thinking: Hey buddy, relax, I have R. Kelly’s discography. Keep in mind while R. Kelly is a musical genius, he tends to say some crazy shit no body should say out loud during sex, like, “When you lay your hand on my pillow, I know girl this is gonna get scary like Thriller, You gonna feel this monster get bigger, And I ain’t got no rhyme for the next part, And I ain’t got no rhyme for the next part, But that’s OK because this is the remix” andGirl I got you so wet, It’s like a rainforest, Like Jurassic Park, Except I’m your Sexasaurus, baby.” 


So get some massage oils, peaches and cream and pop on BYT’s Spotify Valentines Day Bump & Grind mix to keep things from getting too weird. Listen, subscribe and share the playlist.

BONUS: DC’s own Canine Teeth just released a sexxxy Usher remix just for you on Valentine’s Day and we’re premiering it here. Get down.

Just broke up with your significant other or tired of being lonely on Valentines Day? Head over to BYT’s Spotify Valentine’s Breakup mix.