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Buzzy Lee is the latest pop project from Sasha Spielberg, and she’s just released brand new EP Facepaint. The five song collection (which was produced with Nicolas Jaar) is a breezy dream, so we wanted to find out what influenced the tracks. Here’s a playlist from Spielberg detailing some of the tunes that inspired her; it features everyone from Marvin Gaye to Enya, so get ready for an eclectic journey down inspo lane, and be sure to grab a copy of Facepaint right here:

Judee Sill “The Donor.” I couldn’t stop playing this the week leading up to recording. Her layered voices, the build up, she’s always been my biggest inspiration but this song just does me in.

Kate Bush “L’amour Looks Something Like You.” One of my favorites. Her melody here is sweeping. I just love a voice with a childlike quality to it, and hers masters that. Obviously, because she’s Kate Bush.

Marvin Gaye “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler).” This appears on all of my playlists but I was really listening to it like crazy getting around New York while making this EP. Felt so groovy accidentally taking the express train when I meant to take the local. Not. It was a panic attack. But this song calmed me down.

Joan Armatrading “Down To Zero.” I love this song. There’s nothing really more to say. Is that okay?

Dustin O’Halloran “Opus 23.” I listened to this on repeat when I was 20. I think it’s informed all of my melodies.

DJ Spanish Fly “Cement Shoes.” Since I found this song right before recording the EP, I continue to put it on every playlist.

Bob Dylan “Jokerman.”  I listened to Infidels a couple weeks before leaving to record Facepaint, while driving up to Santa Barbara in my grandma’s old convertible at night to see Ry Cooder and Ricky Skaggs play. I think I tried smoking a cigarette at this moment and soon after realized you cannot really smoke in a convertible that’s going 70 mph.

Van Morrison “Linden Arden Stole the Highlights.” I only discovered Veedon Fleece around the time of the EP. It wrecked me.

Laura Nyro “It’s Gonna Take a Miracle.” My mom loved Laura Nyro. She would sing like her when I was growing up, so for most of high school it was cringe worthy, but now it’s wonderful.

Dusty Springfield “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today.”  One of my favorites. Her voice had such texture, and this cover wounds me.

 Fleetwood Mac “That’s All For Everyone.” Ugh. Makes me cry.

Queen “Cool Cat.” Again, another on every playlist.

Letta Mbulu “There’s Music in the Air.”  See above.

Joni Mitchell “Case of You.” Oof. This song was playing the first time I saw my boyfriend at the time cry.

Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” What a jam.

The Roches “Hammond Song.” I heard this when I was eighteen, and I was transfixed by it. I think it’s just so cool how they all start off singing the same note. Their voices blend in with each other, it’s an inspiration for the way I want vocals to always sound.

Labi Siffre “Down.” Listened to this a lot around the time of the EP. The crunchy Rhodes. Can you tell I don’t know how to talk about music by now?

Liz Phair “Dance of the Seven Veils.” The lyrics of this… Her falsetto. Ugh. Always listening to this one.

Gene Clark “Lady of the North.” What a journey of a song. (Again, don’t you love how I don’t know what I’m saying?)

Enya “Caribbean Blue.” When I say Enya is a genius, I’m not kidding.

Catch Buzzy Lee live in NYC on Wednesday May 16 at Park Church Co-op.