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Video by: Zach Goldbaum // Interview by Ben Kronberg // Produced by: Jeff Jetton // Directed by Zach Goldbaum

New York City based duo The Knocks, made up of members B-Roc and JPatt, are keeping it real producing out of their studio in the city’s vibrant Chinatown. The guys recently returned from their first Australian tour, and Holy Ship!! a few months ago, and made history by being the first live act to perform at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art last summer. In just a few short years they’ve produced with Fred Falke and toured with Ellie Goulding, all while being the perfect images of NYC downtown cool.

Starting next month they start a tour with Alex Clare, where they will gig until June 13th when they hit the Governor’s Ball music festival.

In the meantime, the duo took a bit of time to relax before things pick up again, hanging out playing footsie with Ben: