Places To Find Bentzen Ball Comics This Weekend
BYT at large | Oct 26, 2017 | 11:00AM |

For four nights D.C. will be a much funnier place. Tig, Ira, Jenny, Jermaine, Paul, Jason, Al and more funny people will perform in the evening (do you have your tickets yet?). They will not be performing in the day. They will be doing things that people like doing. They will be eating. They will be drinking. They will be on pirate ships. They will most likely be eating, drinking and sightseeing at the following places. If you see someone, be cool.

Root Cellar

Comics and most all human beings enjoy things like beer and whiskey and quiet, cozy corners.

US Capitol

Every year, the talent goes sightseeing. Since going to the White House is not as much fun in 2017 and is was in previous years, we are refocusing on some other iconic structures in the city.

SUNS Cinema

Friday night is bad horror movie night at Bentzen Ball. Where do you go on so-bad-it-is-good movie nights?

W Hotel DC

The comics are staying in a hotel together. Be cool about this piece of information. Having said that – your best bet for grabbing a happy hour drink with the talent is the WHAT SHE SAID panel on 10/27.

Crimson Whiskey Bar

Comics and most all human beings enjoy things like beer and whiskey and quiet, cozy corners. Are we seeing a patterns emerge here?

National Geographic Museum

Not only are our friends at National Geographic hosting two amazing shows for the festival (You’re The Expert on Friday and Going Commando on Saturday) but their museum is almost certainly going to be on the performer’s must-do list.


Our Heineken Hub for the weekend, Hawthorne is where you’ll find performers and attendees alike grabbing drinks after shows at the Lincoln Theatre. All night $5 Heineken Happy Hour all weekend long.