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New Column! Yay! So-obviously everyone and their Mother (and their Mother’s wedding crazy/cake-decorating Pomeranian) are on Pinterest by now (so are we-follow us, k?) and it is obviously a sea of chaos and lace-dog-eat-frosting-dog madness out there. So, since we’re using this month to get excited for Fashion’s Night Out/Fall Fashions and more-we figured it is as good of a time as any to start a weekly Pinterester spotlight AKA “PEOPLE REALLY, TRULY WORTH FOLLOWING”. Cool? Cool.

So-inaugurally, we bring you:

  • NAME/URL: Dree Harper/ http://pinterest.com/DreeHarper/
  • “REAL” LIFE OCCUPATION: Stylist & Personal Shopper. Refinery29 Contributor.
  • YOU WILL LIKE HER IF YOU LIKE: cool girls, crazy prints and colors, vintage, Refinery 29 (this sort of sums up everyone, right?)
  • BOARD HIGH-LIGHTS: In a sea of self-proclaimed style professionals out there (I mean, every girl with an instagram and a mirror fancies her self a stylist on pinterest) Dree is someone with a clear aesthetic and, obviously, a fair amount of time to devote to tracking trends, street style stars, great vintage finds and amazing editorial snapshots. All of which is filled with a color and pattern and texture joie de vivre that SHOULD BE tiring to the average eye but aren’t, because they are done SO WELL. Also-she IS the person that selects Refinery 29’s PINNER OF THE WEEK so she essentially the stylish girl’s pinterest Godmother anyway.

Out of her 11,000+ pins, here are some BYT favorites:

FROM: IN THE MIX board – this Vilsco look we cannot wait to try out in the fall

  • From: THIS COLORFUL LIFE board-endless great life photography to inspire you to never wear or live in only black & white ever again

  • from: VINTAGE ARCHIVES board – timeless (and not seen to death) glamour moments like this Sophia turban shot

or this insane Pierre Cardin dress circa 1961 which made me spend one whole Saturday afternoon looking for it on the www.

  • from VINTAGE RULES board – amazing finds like these 70s suede party shorts that look more modern than anything in the stores RIGHT NOW
  • from PRIMPING board: calls to boldness and messy hair everywhere

  • from: LETS DIY THIS board: globe chandeliers! globe chandeliers! globe chandeliers!

  • from ICONIC board: and endless supply of great moments by great stylemakes-Kate, Grace Coddington, Diana Vreeland, Bowie etc

  • from ROMANTIC TENDENCIES board- high drama (in beige)

and so much more!

leave us comments with pinners to follow, nominate yourself or your friends for this category AND follow BYT on pinterest too. SEE YOU ALL HERE NEXT WEEK (and on pinterest all the time)