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words and photos by Dakota Fine

It should be noted, I don’t shoot as many parties as I used to.

Somewhere in between U Hall coming into existence and installing their (ill?)-advised no photo policy, and a BYT editorial decision to drink less of the party DJ Kool-Aid, I started shooting parties with great discretion. So much discretion in fact, this past Wednesday eve was my first Pink Sock rodeo.

I have to say, after this most recent experience at the Wonderland Ballroom for Pink Sock’s ANIMAL HOUSE PARTY, I am thinking again about bringing the party photos back to BYT. Earlier this year when the Washingtonian was putting their “best of” issue out and they needed photos of Pink Sock because they were to name it “Best Alternative Gay Dance Party,” Washingtonian Magazine director of photography David Hicks called me looking for photos of the zeitgeist and I couldn’t send him one because I hadn’t ever attended. Well David, feast your eyes, and please let me know if you’d like more photos.

Hats off to  DJ Rad and Bradley, John-boy and Deb, BYT’s own homegrown BYGays, for piloting the Pink Sock rocket ship. Pardon the obvious pun but, these BYGays are steering this space shuttle straight (er, not so straight?) towards your anus. Search no further than the event’s designation to find obscene anal references. Google “pink sock” why don’t you? Better yet, look it up on Urban Dictionary. Go ‘head, I dare ya.

So yeah, the photos right? That’s what you came for — but maybe I’ll shoot another party soon for BYT… just maybe.

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-101 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-103



DF10_9.15_PinkSock-106 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-109

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-107 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-108 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-110

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-113 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-111 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-112 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-114

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-115 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-117 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-116 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-119 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-120 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-121

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-122 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-123 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-124 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-126

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-127 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-129 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-128

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-132 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-133 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-134

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-135 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-137 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-136 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-138

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-139 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-140

DF10_9.15_PinkSock-143 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-142


DF10_9.15_PinkSock-146 DF10_9.15_PinkSock-145