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I know that I’m not cool for saying this, but… I heard about this event through the wonder that is facebook. Sorry Svetlana, if it had been posted on myspace, I would never have heard about it. That having been said, according to the book of face there were almost 1000 confirmed guests for this slumber party pastime, and I must say (granted I’m no demographer) I think turnout had to have been somewhere around a paltry 10%. But still, a one hundred person pillowfight sounds fun, right? I know, you’re all wishing now that you had known about this, it could’ve been great… next time!

08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-67 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-20

08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-53 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-68

Kudos to Craig who managed to lay the cushion smushin’ captain “commando” smack-down on college kids, all the while with his ass hanging out like a true champion. And the girl in the pink sparkly helmet and tie-dyed tee-shirt, you too, ruled the festival of headrest hysteria.

08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-63 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-5 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-64

08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-31 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-21

08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-19 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-26



08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-34 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-13

08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-15 08_3.22_Pillowfight@Dupont-16


Overheard in DC:

Man 1: “Hey man, how’d you hear about this craaaaazy pillowfight?”…

Man 2: “There’s this really hilarious blog, have you heard of it? It’s called ‘Stuff White People Like,’ man, that site is soooo witty!”