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I’ll keep this short and sort of PSA style:

You like pie (I mean who doesn’t? Those that say they don’t just never had good pie)
The holidays are around the corner and so you are probably looking at a LOT OF PIE EATING in your imminent future
And with all that pie eating you’re about to do, why not eat some pie that will NOT ONLY TASTE GOOD BUT DO GOOD?

Food and Friendsa local charity that prepares, packages and delivers meals and groceries to more than 1,350 people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses throughout Washington, DC, 7 counties of Maryland and 7 counties and 6 independent cities in Virginia is holding a pie sale.

Pies (all of which are made by the local pastry enterprise Bread and Chocolate) go for:

25 big ones for a apple or pumpkin pie
35 dollares for a chocolate torte

the proceeds of which are ALL going to the aforementioned charity. (even if you are not a person of the sweetest tooth out there, you can still BUY A PIE and donate it)

The sale goes on till next Thursday, November 15th and pies will be available for pick up at various DC locations.
Talk about guiltless eating.