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Titus Andronicus plays a sold out show at the Black Cat tonight alongside Spider Bags – a band with whom it shares both a label (Merge Records) and home state (New Jersey).

In honor of the visit, we remember that time we ate Ray’s Hell Burgers with Titus Andronicus in 2012.

The band’s triple-LP opus The Most Lamentable Tragedy is out now on Merge.


Titus Andronicus love local business. They love it so much, in fact, that their latest album–a soaring, pounding ode to misplacement, change and acceptance–is titled just that.

From their homestead–Brooklyn, NY via Glen Rock, NJ – to the far reaches of the country, Titus are bringing their own brand of local love and onstage electricity to a city near you.

There was no way we could miss their DC stop at Rock and Roll Hotel, and even more so, an opportunity to catch up with the quintet for a bite of the DMV’s own local business. We sat down with Titus for a fall picnic of Ray’s Hell Burger, shakes and fries, and talked their favorite tour food, the best diners, tour stories and more.

BYT Video of the Week: A Picnic with Titus Andronicus from BYT Media on Vimeo.