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words and photos by Dakota Fine

There were a couple of awesome photoshow related events going on this past Friday which BYT had the occasion to attend and take interest. The first was a show we highlighted on the site a few days prior called Full Speed or Nothing: Photography of Josh Sisk and Kyle Gustafson. Sisk (a fairly regular BYT contributor) and Gustafson (longtime DCist concert photo king) now Washington Post concert coverage regulars join forces for their show at the Windup Space in Baltimore on display now through early May. BYT dropped in to see and document the historic occasion, we are very much looking forward to seeing more shows from these guys.

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DF11_4.15_Photoshows-110 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-111 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-112 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-113 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-115 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-116 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-117

Next up, we drove (quickly) all the way to Crystal City to catch the Flashdance FotoDC party going down in. Flash is a show that was up for a solid month hosted by FotoDC, a sister organization of DC Fotoweek intended to keep the spirit of Fotoweek alive throughout the year. A lot of great DC photographers on display, in particular we noticed the work of fave photog Nicole Wolf, her series on Maine fishermen looks like a cold and harrowing project. Also worth noting, local photog Frank Turner’s series documenting the porn industry, an eyebrow raising experience surely.

Learn more at the FotoDC website

DF11_4.15_Photoshows-127 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-119


DF11_4.15_Photoshows-120 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-121 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-123 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-124 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-125 DF11_4.15_Photoshows-126