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all photos: Kevin Hulse, C.Freeman, Shauna Alexander, Ben Droz, Stephanie Breijo, Christopher Chen + Amy Vong on the instagram.
video: Hantz

Dear All,

Before we DIVE into the photos below (which is what we know you’re here for, and we promise the photobooth snaps are coming later today-check back in around 1pm), we wanted to just give some basic thanks to everyone involved in making this past Saturday as magical as it truly was:

  • Thank you to the Embassy of France and La Maison Francaise for partnering with us on this and letting us do everything we did!
  • Thank you to Stella Artois for supporting all BYT events this year
  • Thank you to St. Germain for making the enchanted tee-pee forest possible + for those delicious welcome cocktails
  • Thank you to all our awesome DJs: TMY, Adrian Loving, Autorock and Sean Peoples-you were all kinds of amazing both inside and outside (bonus points to Sean for closing the night with the “Thank you for being a friend”)
  • Thank you to all our live performers: WYTOLD (outside), Margot McDonald, Candy Del Rio, Victoria Vox, Brandon Wardell, CO LA and the host host Ms. Xavier Onassis Bloomingdale
  • Thank you to PANDAHEAD mag for creating our enchanted tee-pee forest
  • Thank you to our laser guys-you lasered it up real good.
  • Thank you to the tireless BYT and Maison Francaise staff for checking everyone  efficiently, our bar staff for keeping a drink in everyone’s hand and everyone else in between
  • Thank you to our photographers for shooting non stop and all the time.
  • and of course – THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING in your Saturday’s best-we have a bunch of awesome events coming up (Summer Camp, Wildlife, a Nat Geo thing we’re about to announce) and we hope to see you all there

Bisous, BYT.

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setting the mood with Chris Chen:

BYT20120526_DSF0003 BYT20120526_DSF0004 BYT20120526_DSF0013 BYT20120526_DSF0005Crop BYT20120526_DSF0010 BYT20120526_DSF0015Crop BYT20120526_DSF0022 BYT20120526_DSF0024Crop BYT20120526_DSF0027 BYT20120526_DSF0036 BYT20120526_DSF0038Crop BYT20120526_DSF0009Crop BYT20120526_DSF0040 BYT20120526_DSF0046Crop BYT20120526_DSF0050Crop BYT20120526_DSF0054Crop BYT20120526_DSF0055 BYT20120526_DSF0058Crop BYT20120527_DSF0061

calms before the storm with Shauna:

BYTZouBisouBisou-7759 BYTZouBisouBisou-7764 BYTZouBisouBisou-7767 BYTZouBisouBisou-7814 BYTZouBisouBisou-7817 BYTZouBisouBisou-7818 BYTZouBisouBisou-7826 BYTZouBisouBisou-7833 BYTZouBisouBisou-7840

day into night with Stephanie:

instagrams by Amy:

IMG_20120526_210052 IMG_20120526_201028 IMG_20120526_200825 IMG_20120526_200418 IMG_20120526_200300 IMG_20120526_195547 IMG_20120526_193924 IMG_20120526_193617 IMG_20120526_181145 IMG_20120526_184030 IMG_20120526_174542 IMG_20120526_171310 IMG_20120526_161746 IMG_20120526_133636 IMG_20120526_132535

party moments by Kevin:

_MG_3008 _MG_3005 _MG_3014 _MG_2997 _MG_2996 _MG_2994 _MG_2993 _MG_2990 _MG_2978 _MG_2986 _MG_2988 _MG_2987 _MG_2977 _MG_2967 _MG_2972 _MG_2963 _MG_2962 _MG_2961 _MG_2992 _MG_2991 _MG_2955 _MG_2953 _MG_2949 _MG_2951 _MG_2948 _MG_2946 _MG_2945 _MG_2943 _MG_2923 _MG_2921 _MG_2915 _MG_2906 _MG_2913 _MG_2917 _MG_2900 _MG_2896 _MG_2873 _MG_2881 _MG_2889 _MG_2895

everyone in action, courtesy of Ben:

2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 531 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 517 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 505 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 14 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 32 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 51 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 61 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 76 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 84 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 91 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 105 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 119 (1) 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 130 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 131 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 137 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 142 2012-05-26 BYT French Embassy 144 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 356 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 185 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 195 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 216 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 219 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 227 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 232 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 249 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 275 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 277 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 287 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 3212012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 492

2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 347 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 375 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 381 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 406 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 424 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 412 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 479 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 505 2012-05-27 BYT French Embassy 417

moar by Shauna:

BYTZouBisouBisou-7907 BYTZouBisouBisou-7909 BYTZouBisouBisou-7895 BYTZouBisouBisou-7885 BYTZouBisouBisou-7894 BYTZouBisouBisou-7898 BYTZouBisouBisou-7872BYTZouBisouBisou-7872

and last but not least, C.Freeman’s take on things:

IMG_2086 IMG_2090 IMG_2096IMG_2112 IMG_2120 IMG_2129 IMG_2099_2 IMG_2103_2 IMG_2104 IMG_2107 IMG_2124 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2117 IMG_2122 IMG_2112 IMG_2128

SEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME (we have BYT Summer Camp pool party returning on Saturday AND our annual Capitol Pride extravaganza on June 8th)