All photos by Katie Warren

Oh the weather outside was frightful(ly hot) but the AC in the Black Cat was so delightful for the BYGays Xmas in July! – a benefit for local DC nonprofit Live It Learn It. The BYGays turned the dark Black Cat Mainstage into a glittering winter wonderland complete with a monorah-clad DJ table for Staylo and TIGHT FΔNG, Kwanzaa napkins for the bar and scantily clad elves everywhere. Spreading joy indeed.

GoKateShoot_9172 GoKateShoot_9177

GoKateShoot_9475 GoKateShoot_9473 GoKateShoot_9462 GoKateShoot_9459 GoKateShoot_9440 GoKateShoot_9437 GoKateShoot_9428 GoKateShoot_9426 GoKateShoot_9422 GoKateShoot_9410 GoKateShoot_9403 GoKateShoot_9394 GoKateShoot_9382 GoKateShoot_9343 GoKateShoot_9337

GoKateShoot_9328GoKateShoot_9380 GoKateShoot_9191 GoKateShoot_9316 GoKateShoot_9298 GoKateShoot_9294 GoKateShoot_9292 GoKateShoot_9287 GoKateShoot_9281 GoKateShoot_9257 GoKateShoot_9256 GoKateShoot_9242 GoKateShoot_9251 GoKateShoot_9252 GoKateShoot_9229 GoKateShoot_9225 GoKateShoot_9218 GoKateShoot_9207 GoKateShoot_9205 GoKateShoot_9200 GoKateShoot_9198 GoKateShoot_9193 GoKateShoot_9192 GoKateShoot_9189 GoKateShoot_9182 GoKateShoot_9151 GoKateShoot_9142 GoKateShoot_9127 GoKateShoot_9123 GoKateShoot_9115 GoKateShoot_9117