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all words and photos: Josh Sisk

Sunday, I managed to squeeze into a packed Sonar to see Wu-Tang Clan play their first show their since “Wu Year’s Eve” there two years ago
(see photos of that here: http://bit.ly/gLK7kG). Billed as the entire clan (minus ODB of course, but with his son rapping his parts), sadly RZA was not present – I heard he was filming a movie and couldn’t make it? – but the show was still great, though he was missed. Wu Year’s Eve was a good show but slightly marred by a two hour gap between the last opener and Wu-Tang taking the stage. Thankfully, there was none of that here, the show went off without a hitch.

I’ve been a fan of Wu-Tang since the 90s (they’ve been around for almost 18 years at this point) and seeing them perform now is great
because you get the impression that a) it’s effortless for them at this point and b) they really love being on stage together. They exude this fun atmosphere of just being there with their tightest bros, and they bring the audience on that as well, with Method Man walking (or jumping) into the crowd, plenty of in-joke stage banter, and the songs selections, which ranged from total classics to more obscure cuts. The crowd loved them, too, screaming, rapping along, throwing up the Wu symbol, holding Meth aloft when he jumped into the crowd… I dipped without waiting for the encore, had to make another engagement, but the place was still going wild as we slipped out… Wu-Tang can definitely still rock a crowd.

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