PHOTOS: Wild Combination @ The New Place | Mar 7, 2011 | 11:45AM |

all photos: Julia Benton

THAT’S US is a new kid on the DC art block aiming to bring art salons to the masses and this past weekend they curated a show, first of several, featuring young DC artists (including: Katie Drenga. Kyrae Cowan. Michael Evnen. Lenora Yerkes. Lindsay Rowinski. Mike P. Pierrette Montone. Dianamatic. Sera Baghdadi. Natty Boom. Cameron Lock. Mark Keeler. Guy Schaffer. Camden. Noir. Stephen Crouch. Jazi Rock. Nam. Victoria Milkovich. Deshaundon Jeanes. Joseph Orzal. Erin Thomas. Ozker. Ryan Kibler. Lindsay Hart AND Alex Ventura) over at Primal Fitness at 219 M Street NW.

check them out here:

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