Photos: Wicked Garden Halloween Party @ Poste
Tam Sackman | Nov 2, 2015 | 1:00PM |

Halloween at Poste, the posh-without-being-snobby restaurant/indoor/outdoor lounge inside of the Hotel Monaco, was a spooky blast. An overwhelming amount of lumberjacks (amongst others) feasted on happy hour bites by the lovely Chef Kyoo Eom and drank delectable poisons by professional handsome bartender Justin Hampton, amongst said drinks the particularly popular Bobbing For Apples punch. The Royal Tenenbaumbs joined hands with Daria and the devil in the spirit of Halloween, but the hands-down winner of my personal, internal costume contest was the girl who created a four foot tall electronic thunderstorm on her head. Also Rand Paul was there. Not someone dressed like him. Literal Rand Paul. He was dressed…conservatively. ZING.