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All photos by: J.M Giordano and Faith Desired

After last week’s Artscape, Whartscape happened. And sure it rained on Saturday but that did not stop the people of Baltimore to dance and romance their way through the three day festival.

If you are looking for words, Baltimore sun has a great recap up of everything that went down but on our end, here are some photos of everyone from Dan Deacon to DJ Dog Dick to Double Dagger to more Baltimore hipsters in the mosh pits than you could humanly imagine fitting into 72 hours.


first up, some by Faith Desired:

IMG_3899.jpg IMG_3883.jpg IMG_3874.jpg IMG_3878.jpg IMG_3897.jpg

IMG_3834.jpg IMG_3834.jpg IMG_3834.jpg

IMG_3818.jpg IMG_3809.jpg IMG_3817.jpg IMG_3783.jpg IMG_3783.jpg IMG_3764.jpg IMG_3755.jpg IMG_3739.jpg IMG_3681.jpg IMG_3698.jpg

IMG_3743.jpg IMG_3391.jpg IMG_3676.jpg IMG_3669.jpg IMG_3420.jpg IMG_3411.jpg IMG_3379.jpg IMG_3373.jpg IMG_3334.jpg IMG_3361.jpg IMG_3318.jpg IMG_3318.jpg IMG_3212.jpg IMG_3181.jpg

and some by J.M. Giordano of Gutter Magazine

stonedgirl.jpg lordscrummage3.jpg lordscrummage2.jpg

lordscrummage.jpg peeps.jpg lightningboltdude.jpg inthepit3.jpg freddyjones.jpg edschrader.jpg inthepit2.jpg adopebody2.jpg adopebody.jpg amilbyleckieband.jpg

dandeacon.jpg djdogdick.jpg dandeacon2.jpg

See you all next year