all photos: Chris Chen & Julia Benton
all words: Debra Greenspan

Leave it to DC overachievers – if they think something is missing in DC nightlife, they will create it. Even if “it” is the most unpretentious, simple concept: art, booze, houseparty, go!

That’s what Keli Anaya (of the Brightest Young Gays) and Josef Palermo accomplished with Oh Snap! the launch of VESTIBULE DC Satuday night at Moishe House. This was the duo’s first attempt at what we hope will be many monthly throwdowns that combine high-brow art with low-fi fun.

The evening started off peacefully as Plus Good serenaded the room with soothing beats and patrons dotted the floor, perusing the photography and chatting with PBR in hand. Later in the evening, the party kicked into higher gear as DJ Cold Case turned up the beats and the homemade jungle juice started flowing. Moishe house quickly became both packed and sweaty as partygoers bumped their booties up against art and artists.

Saturday’s installation brought together many of the artists and shots we’ve enjoyed on our computer screens over the years, putting the work on the walls where it belongs and allowing viewers to get up close and very personal. It was an extra-special treat to have the artists themselves – Chandi Kelly, Chris Eichler, BYT’s own Dakota Fine and Ben Droz, Liz Gorman, Rachel Carrier, Victoria Milko and Lindsay Hart – together under one roof, mingling with the crowd.

Enjoy the photos and for more info visit

Set up and art photos by Chris Chen:

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and then: some dancing by JULIA:

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