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Mmmmmkay, so Transatlantic at DC9 Saturday night was predictably rowdy, if lacking in sweaty dance-party body odor that was Nouveau Riche two weeks ago. Although I didn’t miss the pungent smell of musty dance orgy, I thought, at least given the sickness of Cory’s DJ set, there should’ve been more people there. However, as you can well see from the photos, the party was still live. Once again, my lady in red (aka Kristen) offered herself up as the greatest subject my party lens has ever known. Kristen, my offer stands, you can model for me anytime, seriously. And a special shot goes out to my new friend Cassandra working the doors Saturday night, stay classy.

See all my photos from the evening here: Dakota Fine on flickr…

08_3.08_Transatlantic-72 08_3.08_Transatlantic-73 08_3.08_Transatlantic-74 08_3.08_Transatlantic-70 08_3.08_Transatlantic-35 08_3.08_Transatlantic-68 08_3.08_Transatlantic-40 08_3.08_Transatlantic-41 08_3.08_Transatlantic-58 08_3.08_Transatlantic-43 08_3.08_Transatlantic-66 08_3.08_Transatlantic-54 08_3.08_Transatlantic-64 08_3.08_Transatlantic-36 08_3.08_Transatlantic-55 08_3.08_Transatlantic-56 08_3.08_Transatlantic-59 08_3.08_Transatlantic-55 08_3.08_Transatlantic-67 08_3.08_Transatlantic-69 08_3.08_Transatlantic-53 08_3.08_Transatlantic-46 08_3.08_Transatlantic-61 08_3.08_Transatlantic-63 08_3.08_Transatlantic-6 08_3.08_Transatlantic-5 08_3.08_Transatlantic-8 08_3.08_Transatlantic-13 08_3.08_Transatlantic-28 08_3.08_Transatlantic-18 08_3.08_Transatlantic-14 08_3.08_Transatlantic-11 08_3.08_Transatlantic-34 08_3.08_Transatlantic-12 08_3.08_Transatlantic-32 08_3.08_Transatlantic-30 08_3.08_Transatlantic-31 08_3.08_Transatlantic-9 08_3.08_Transatlantic-10 08_3.08_Transatlantic-9 08_3.08_Transatlantic-16

That is all.