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all photos: Lexie Moreland (first portion) AND Chris Chen (after the jump)

As was fully expected, the Sartorialist exhibit opening @ Adamson Gallery on Saturday was probably the party to have people lay their eyes on you, and vice versa this weekend.
It was also, for those who are wise enough, a chance to actually look at the photos on show, before all hell and every “fashionista” in the tri-state county (as Chris said) descends upon the Gallery on Wednesday when Scott Schuman will be present too.
2.jpg 1.jpg

Now onto the exhibit itself.
As Morgan said in her (terrific) preview…the joys of perusing The Sartorialist site can be summed up by the fact that you get a sort of a “behind-the-scenes” look at the fashion industry, it is the street style of both inspiration as aspiration.

ZR7L3097.jpg ZR7L3093.jpg


And predictably enough, the show does feature Hamish Bowles and assorted leggy models on bycicles along with passers by, however, the photos do come in very basic 81/2 x 11 formats and while lovely, somehow don’t feed into the “larger than life expectations”.
Maybe David Adamson, in all his printing genius, has spoiled me in the past, with large, intricate, almost overwhelming interpretations of work but these, while perfectly balanced and wonderfully simple, had the exact opposite, underwhelming result.

More than one person walked up to me and said: “Didn’t you secretly wish these were bigger than you?”
And, I did.
And they did.

ZR7L3159.jpg ZR7L3127.jpg ZR7L3176.jpg

I wanted the fashion magazine experience blown up to real life proportions, I wanted images that would not normally fit on my computer screen, I wanted to see those 36″ inseams be 36 inches.
The answer to the formatting issue, I guess, lies in the fact that Scott’s really uses a very basic, non-large format, camera for his street shooting, and as such the quality would have been hugely compromised with bigger prints.
And if we’ve learned anything about David Adamson’s approach over the last few years is that quality is never compromised.
Still, a “what if” lingers.
ZR7L3157.jpg ZR7L3156.jpg ZR7L3174.jpg ZR7L3144.jpg ZR7L3154.jpg ZR7L3150.jpg

As for the party guests, as fully expected, the everyone from Dissident Display men to DC concierge to Rachel from Project Beltway to Liz Gorman to our and pandahead’s Morgan to Amy from Treat to every photographer I ever had and every other band we ever photographed was there, everyone in their second best attire, waiting for Wednesday.

ZR7L3125.jpg ZR7L3116.jpg ZR7L3117.jpg ZR7L3101.jpg ZR7L3081.jpg ZR7L3110.jpg

and in case those weren’t enough….some more by Chris:

BYT20080315L1000027.jpg BYT20080315L1000011Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000019Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000009.jpg BYT20080315L1000021Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000010Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000012Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000024Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000017.jpg BYT20080315L1000016Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000018Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000013Crop.jpg
BYT20080315L1000025Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000025Crop.jpg BYT20080315L1000014Crop.jpg
BYT20080315L1000023.jpg BYT20080315L1000008.jpg BYT20080315L1000022.jpg