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All words and photos by Dakota

I showed up on Friday night to “the lighthouse” early. The Ryan Wakeman effect had once again taken hold of us, and I was doing my part to show up and get some snaps before jetting out to an Obama fundraiser at Civilian Art Projects. Besides, Kaz (aka PWFL Power) and barbeque were gonna be there… I mean what’s a better combo than that? Hard to say.



DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-1 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-3

Nevermind the fact that I had to leave too early to actually hear Kaz sing about Teriyaki, instead what I got was an indescribable percussion ensemble (I wanna say it was Burmese) playing instruments I had never seen before. I swear, I walked into a West Coast warpzone. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t actually on Northern California commune; vegan curried tofu stew notwithstanding. Hippies like I didn’t know existed in DC made Ryan Wakeman look right at home, forcing me to reassess whether or not he actually does fall into that category, to his chagrin, I’m sure. I know I’ve witnessed at least one conversation in which he challenged this exact assertion made about himself. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin.

I bet all those cassettes are Grateful Dead bootlegs, I should’ve checked, but I think it’s safe to assume anyways.


DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-8 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-7 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-6 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-5

DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-12 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-12



DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-16 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-15 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-4

I made it down to Civilian Art Projects just in time to catch them change the bar from $2 drinks to free drinks, sweeeet. Chris Chen was there, camera in tow as always, and was looking beet red (damn, I shouldn’t have photoshopped that image). Friday night Civilian was hosting a fundraiser for Obama.

DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-25 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-25


DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-23 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-23

DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-21 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-26 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-19 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-20 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-17 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-17

I met Yospyn, creator of the flying tortoises, or is he? I swear someone else has done this before, or is it just that it evokes for me the flying toasters from the After Dark screensaver, remember that? Will Eastman was spinning.




Hopped on the metro to U St (I got the metro shot to prove it) and bopped into Midnight Mass at Selam. Apparently I missed the most exciting part of the night when two girls started fist-fighting out front… I swear every time I go to Selam some kind of drama ensues. Anyways, there were neat-o laser beams. Yeah, I’m paying attention to the light more than I am the music, couldn’t tell you what Steve Love played. However, I did eat pizza afterwards, from Alberto’s, on my walk home.





DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-36 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-28 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-33

DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-31 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-30

DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-37 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-34 DF08_10.17_LighthouseCivSelam-36

Lasers RULE.