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Eight thousand people spent Sunday, National Ice Cream Day, lining up for frozen treats under the oppressive DC sun. This is the third annual DC Scoop, and the long lines that formed far too early in the day proved that DC believes the wait is worthwhile.

With sixteen contestants and multiple sponsors, the DC Scoop could have been an all day event; there was no shortage of ice cream (save for occasional restocking) or distractions: between ice cream making demos with world-class experts, ice cream eating contests, photobooths, and face-painting for the kids, we could have stayed all day.

By the end of the event, threatening clouds were hovering overhead, and winners were revealed just in time: Dolcezza wins Judge’s Choice, and Ice Cream Jubilee wins People’s Choice. Maybe we’re just gluttonous, but we were fans of everyone. The best ice cream is free ice cream.

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