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Brief words by Shauna Alexander

All photos Rachel Eisley

This year’s Cherry Blossom parade may have been overcast with gray skies and dreary weather, but that didn’t stop greater Washington D.C. (and all those tourists!) from coming out in support of the yearly festival.  Bright colors were in high abundance, as were parade floats, race cars, macy-day-parade style balloons and of course big smiles from the crowd. Check out the snaps below!

IMG_9821 IMG_9790

IMG_9785 IMG_9780 IMG_9775

IMG_9766 IMG_9746 IMG_9745

IMG_9744 IMG_9718

IMG_9733 IMG_9727 IMG_9724 IMG_9719

IMG_9716 IMG_9665

IMG_9709 IMG_9708 IMG_9703 IMG_9700 IMG_9695 IMG_9694

IMG_9683 IMG_9679 IMG_9683 IMG_9679

IMG_9676 IMG_9608 IMG_9603 IMG_9581 IMG_9578

IMG_9611 IMG_9614 IMG_9611IMG_9570 IMG_9549 IMG_9585