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all photos: Mark Silva
This past weekend Honfleur Gallery and their-down-the-street counterpart hosted concurrent exhibit openings, both of photography, both with a higher purpose. Honfleur Gallery was the home Stories, an exhibit of photographic stories created by three artists to help raise awareness and funds for relief efforts in African nations (Proceeds from this exhibition and the opening night fundraiser will go to support International Lifeline Fund), featuring photos by Antoine Sanfuentes, Ann Curry (who was present at the opening, despite her very busy schedule) and well as multimedia presentations of the grassroots work done by International Lifeline Fund.
Around the corner, Terry also exhibited at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions, ith a solo exhibition entitled Migrations, illuminating the lives of two disparate groups at odds in the Darfur conflict; nomadic herders/warriors known as Janjaweed, and the refugees displaced by them.
Touching and poignant, both shows are well worth your time to visit.

Honfleur Gallery

1227 Good Hope Road SE

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions

2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE

Honfleur-8.jpgHonfleur-9.jpg Honfleur-32.jpg Honfleur-35.jpg Honfleur-6.jpgHonfleur-33.jpgHonfleur-30.jpg Honfleur-3.jpg Honfleur-34.jpg Honfleur-34.jpg Honfleur-34.jpg Honfleur-5.jpgHonfleur-29.jpg Honfleur-26.jpg Honfleur-28.jpgHonfleur-27.jpg Honfleur-18.jpg Honfleur-27.jpg Honfleur-25.jpg Honfleur-22.jpg Honfleur-23.jpgHonfleur-21.jpg Honfleur-20.jpg Honfleur-19.jpg Honfleur-16.jpg Honfleur-15.jpgHonfleur-2.jpgHonfleur-14.jpgHonfleur-13.jpg Honfleur-10.jpg Honfleur-13.jpg Honfleur-11.jpgHonfleur-1.jpg

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