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All Photos: Josh Sisk & Mike Danko

the epic photo companion piece to our Anthrax interview (who played this gig with Slayer)


What’s better than a BYT photographer at a Slayer concert?  Well, TWO BYT photographers at a Slayer concert.  After establishing a connection with our Dave Lombardo interview last year, much wrangling took place to secure two photopasses for the Big Three megashow at First Mariner Arena.  Josh Sisk and Mike Danko were at each others’ throats when we said we had a spot on the guest list.  Knives were pulled and we had to settle the dispute by begging Slayer’s management for a plus one.  We were also going to send Scott Rattler to cover the show, but in true Rattler style he never showed up.  We’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

DSC_4190 DSC_4181

Seriously, though, we’d like to revisit one question from the SLAYER interview we did last year:

BYT: If Slayer was a boat, what kind of boat would it be?

Slayer’s tour manager, Jim Carroccio, interrupts: A Nuclear Submarine.

Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo: That’s not a boat, it’s a submarine

Jim Carroccio: Submarines are actually boats.

Dave Lombardo: Oh really?  Submergible boats? [skepitcal]

Jim Carroccio: They’re boats!

Dave Lombardo: Hmmm, Slayer wouldn’t be a boat.  We’d be a jet fighter.


And that was obviously the best answer we’ve ever had to any question in any interview that’s ever been done on BYT.

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