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all photos: Franz Mahr
all words: Jonna Humphries

The mothership touched down last Thursday evening exploding in a tempest of sounds that unearthed a crowd seemingly born for bass. Imagine someone throwing a brick at you while singing a lullaby in your ear. That is dubstep. And yes, it is as terribly amazing as it sounds. Skrillex, 12th Planet, our city’s own Nadastrom (moombahton!), and Foreign Beggars fully lifted the crowd at FUR to the planet upon which they exist in their musical glory. It is without a doubt that these artists are not just at the pinnacle of dubstep, but are redefining electronic music as a whole.

If you somehow missed this show, check out the photos below. Yes, it was as major and magnificent as I am making it sound. No, I was not an official fan of dubstep before, but yes, I now am.

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