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all photos: Franz Mahr and Ben Droz

the SHORTS party, like porn or air guitar proficiency is impossible to describe: you kind of have to be there to see it and believe it. This past Thursday Gavin Holland and DURKL brought SHORTS (which, btw, used to be all lowercase) back from it’s retirement for one last ASYLUM hurrah before they close down for renovations (TODAY). The evening, as per usual, involved and obscene amount of neon, both amazing and unfortunate legs in equal opportunity dance-offs, crunk-cakes (cupcakes that get you crunk, duh), Andre Bucket on a safari, a ball pit and complete abusing of the fact that bottles of champagne cost only $20. Oh, and naturally, a lot of sweat. Proceed to the photos with caution.

snaps by Franz:

11-07_SHORTS118-14-2 11-07_SHORTS118-86 11-07_SHORTS118-88 11-07_SHORTS118-9 11-07_SHORTS118-190 11-07_SHORTS118-8 11-07_SHORTS118-187 11-07_SHORTS118-159 11-07_SHORTS118-149 11-07_SHORTS118-138 11-07_SHORTS118-120 11-07_SHORTS118-134 11-07_SHORTS118-116 11-07_SHORTS118-181 11-07_SHORTS118-2 11-07_SHORTS118-113 11-07_SHORTS118-170 11-07_SHORTS118-153 11-07_SHORTS118-104 11-07_SHORTS118-94 11-07_SHORTS118-137 11-07_SHORTS118-129 11-07_SHORTS118-80 11-07_SHORTS118-126 11-07_SHORTS118-99 11-07_SHORTS118-79 11-07_SHORTS118-61 11-07_SHORTS118-57 11-07_SHORTS118-106 11-07_SHORTS118-82 11-07_SHORTS118-36 11-07_SHORTS118-38 11-07_SHORTS118-56 11-07_SHORTS118-31 11-07_SHORTS118-75 11-07_SHORTS118-74 11-07_SHORTS118-28 11-07_SHORTS118-26 11-07_SHORTS118-18 11-07_SHORTS118-42 11-07_SHORTS118-48 11-07_SHORTS118-13 11-07_SHORTS118-10 11-07_SHORTS118-17 11-07_SHORTS118-23

snaps by Ben:

July 4th037282011.WaterMarked July 4th017312011.WaterMarked July 4th067282011.WaterMarked July 4th027312011.WaterMarked July 4th057312011.WaterMarked July 4th097312011.WaterMarked July 4th087312011.WaterMarked July 4th077312011.WaterMarked July 4th107312011.WaterMarked July 4th127312011.WaterMarked July 4th117282011.WaterMarked July 4th137312011.WaterMarked July 4th157312011.WaterMarked July 4th147312011.WaterMarked July 4th187312011.WaterMarked July 4th167312011.WaterMarked July 4th177312011.WaterMarked July 4th197312011.WaterMarked July 4th207292011.WaterMarked July 4th217312011.WaterMarked July 4th247292011.WaterMarked July 4th237312011.WaterMarked July 4th277312011.WaterMarked July 4th257312011.WaterMarked July 4th287312011.WaterMarked July 4th297312011.WaterMarked July 4th307312011.WaterMarked

see you never again, I guess