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all photos: Lexie Moreland
all “words”: Svetlana

This weekend Lexie was back in town and as such we had no choice but to put her and her camera into our back pocket and take her places so she can take amazing photos. Stops included, in this order (follow the yellow brick link road):

THE SPRING! cockail party @ Redeem
all bite size cupcakes, gauzy tops and high waisted black skirts with pockets some of us will never take off again.


_MG_1359.jpg _MG_1386.jpg _MG_1383.jpg _MG_1377.jpg _MG_1436.jpg _MG_1437.jpg _MG_1388.jpg _MG_1422.jpg _MG_1411.jpg _MG_1370.jpg _MG_1368.jpg _MG_1351.jpg _MG_1351.jpg _MG_1355.jpg _MG_1350.jpg

The ABSOLUTELY AMAZING “Touched by fire” exhibit by Martin D’Orgeval @ Adamson which, is hands down, the most jaw-dropping photographic experience you’ll see this season and you have till the end of April NOT TO MISS IT.


_MG_1535.jpg _MG_1467.jpg _MG_1460.jpg _MG_1456.jpg _MG_1487.jpg _MG_1454.jpg _MG_1498.jpg _MG_1498.jpg _MG_1498.jpg _MG_1481.jpg _MG_1463.jpg _MG_1451.jpg _MG_1469.jpg _MG_1477.jpg

The Stunning “Conceal project” illustrations by Dawn Black at Curator’s office, all intricate postcard size drawings you want to hang on walls, and carry inside your wallets too.


_MG_1532.jpg _MG_1521.jpg _MG_1509.jpg _MG_1526.jpg _MG_1524.jpg _MG_1507.jpg _MG_1507.jpg _MG_1520.jpg

and then a hop and scotch up the street for Hamiltonian’s sixth opening by Lisa Brotman, Thomas Block and Michael Enn Sirvet.

_MG_1569.jpg _MG_1568.jpg _MG_1581.jpg _MG_1585.jpg _MG_1587.jpg _MG_1586.jpg _MG_1576.jpg _MG_1556.jpg _MG_1540.jpg _MG_1542.jpg _MG_1539.jpg _MG_1565.jpg _MG_1574.jpg _MG_1560.jpg _MG_1570.jpg _MG_1566.jpg _MG_1566.jpg _MG_1566.jpg _MG_1582.jpg

and the always a delight PROJECT 4 GALLERY, our hands and toes down favorite space to see art in. In DC. This time featuring Calla Thompson’s Hero and Baddie.


_MG_1590.jpg _MG_1588.jpg _MG_1597.jpg _MG_1610.jpg _MG_1596.jpg _MG_1606.jpg _MG_1599.jpg _MG_1599.jpg _MG_1605.jpg

Now go and feed your soul.