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all photos: Bradley

When the monthly SHIFT party first took over Cobalt two years ago, it was seen as an act of piracy.  For awhile, the club had become known as a vortex of mostly Madonna and Britney remixes…and little else.  Yet, SHIFT creators Brian Barrerra and Mikey Adolphson were determined to create a night dedicated to slightly-alternative mixes not regularly heard in gay clubs.  The response was overwhelming.
Today, SHIFT regularly packs Cobalt with a writhing mass of gay men and lesbians to Adolphson (who spins as DJ MAJR) and guests.  Even Cobalt itself has greatly diversified its musical offerings in the wake of SHIFT’s pirate ship.  As such, it was fitting that SHIFT celebrated its two-year anniversary this past Saturday with a pirate theme.  The BYGays were on hand to help judge which attendee’s pirate outfit best displayed their pirate bootie – all part of SHIFT’s give-a-way of tickets to the April 30 concert by Kylie Minouge.
Guest DJs included Matt Bailer, Junebullet and Zack Rosen.  As the patrons fogged-up the upstairs windows of Cobalt, they danced underneath SHIFT’s pirate flags and crossbones.  It wasn’t just a party, it was a parrrrrr-tey.

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