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All photos by Bradley.

It’s the ladies’ party that has it all: rock, pop and a pool table. The brainchild of The New Gay and DJ’s Junebullet (who will be spinning at Homo Erectus: The Evolution of Pride), Coach Vee and Shelly Crush, She.Rex at Chief Ike’s Upstairs in Adams Morgan brings the noise and the funk the second Friday of every month. The night starts off with the classic ladies of rock ‘n roll before moving on to the louder, dancier grrrls of indie rock and punk before bringing the building to a sweaty, pulsing diva-pop-fueled crescendo at the end of the night. This mix of Joan Jett, Sleigh Bells, and Rihanna means there’s something for everyone at She.Rex. And even as one of DC’s hottest lesbian nights is expanding its audience to gays and straights alike, no one expected this month’s guest: She.Rex’s very first dinosaur.

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