PHOTOS: Seersucker Ride
Dakota | Jun 6, 2011 | 9:30AM |

photos by Dakota Fine and Chris Chen

After 2 tweed rides and last summer’s Seersucker social, Dandies and Quaintrailles Club is still going strong as evidenced by the turn out for their 2nd ever natural summer response event: last Saturday’s SEERSUCKER SOCIAL @ Hillwood Museum and Gardens. The day started off with a leisurely bike ride (because if there is one thing Dandies and Quaintrailles love more thank stylish clothes, it is their vintage bikes) and culminated with an afternoon on the lawn feat. games, mint juleps and some of the best looking people in best looking clothes around. Enjoy Dakota’s photos and check in later as we’ll be adding more of them as they come in…

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-101 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-104

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-102 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-103 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-106

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-105 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-107

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-109 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-110 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-111 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-113

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-108 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-114

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-115 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-119 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-121 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-123


DF11_6.4_Seersucker-128 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-129

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-126 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-127 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-131 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-132 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-133

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-130 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-154

DF11_6.4_Seersucker-134 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-136


DF11_6.4_Seersucker-137 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-138 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-139 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-142



DF11_6.4_Seersucker-143 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-144 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-145 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-146 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-147 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-148 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-149 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-150 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-151 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-152 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-153 DF11_6.4_Seersucker-117


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Recent Comments:
  • Crown Slayer says:

    VERY NICE!!!!!

  • Lily says:

    totes, props to you too, do you have vintage vendors at your event? the Art Deco Society of Washington fashion shows usually have them selling their wares, at the annual expo too but there was no fashion show this year so far, just the expo

  • Linnie says:

    A little more involved (drinks sponsorship, ticket sales, fashion events, photos, ride coordination, events booking) than a “casual afternoon ride up,” but props to you for your own event.

  • Lily says:

    @Linnie, my comment was intended as a compliment, and yes i can imagine the stress involved with event planning, i’ve helped plan and execute for years, that’s a 3 day weekend event with live bands 1-2 times a day, multiple venues and 350+ dancers in town for the weekend, 4-50 of which i’ve hosted and housed at any given time depending on the year…so be glad you’re event is just a “casual afternoon ride up”

  • Linnie says:

    Um, this takes a lot of work to put together. You have no idea of the amount of stress involved.

  • Jeff Martin says:

    Awesome shots max Dakota!

  • Lily says:

    isn’t there a tweed ride in the fall? seriously these should be monthly, not bi-annual, with different bands and a fashion show

  • Shauna Shauna says:

    35mm for the win, Dakota. Nice job.

  • john b says:

    As a huge cyclist and a fashion nut I am down for the next one.

    Any planned again for this summer?

  • koko says:

    When is the next one of these types of gatherings? Looks like a pretty amazing day!

  • svetlana Svetlana says:

    cooler-maybe. sweatier-DEFINITELY


    I wonder if people in the future will dress like us for throwback days.

    P.S. This would be a lot cooler if it were a 70’s polyester ride.

  • Stephanie says:

    these photos are incredddddddible