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all words and photos: Josh Sisk

Tuesday Night, I went to the Charm City Art Space to see the second to last show of RUINER a very popular (sadly moreso outside of Baltimore/the US) hardcore band from Baltimore. To help them celebrate the occasion, there were reunion sets from long-broken-up Baltimore bands THE SPARK, and NEVER ENOUGH, along with longtime pals DOUBLE DAGGER.

The show was awesome, so many old friends (and old fogies moshing). I got my neck mangled, and one of my lenses dented. Jesse Morgan got 5 stitches. Sonny Simpson did wrestling moves on teenagers in the pit.
It was great!
DSC_2921.jpg DSC_2900.jpg DSC_2898.jpg DSC_2897.jpg DSC_2894.jpg DSC_2892.jpg DSC_2884.jpg DSC_2879.jpg DSC_2871.jpg DSC_2870.jpg DSC_2868.jpg DSC_2867.jpg DSC_2866.jpg DSC_2865.jpg DSC_2862.jpg DSC_2860.jpg DSC_2856.jpg DSC_2857.jpg DSC_2855.jpg DSC_2853.jpg DSC_2851.jpg DSC_2840.jpg DSC_2829.jpg DSC_2826.jpg DSC_2822.jpg DSC_2821.jpg DSC_2848.jpg DSC_2906.jpg

For more information on the Charm City Art Space, Baltimore’s longest running DIY show space go here: http://www.ccspace.org

To catch Ruiner’s last last show, go to SONAR this Saturday, the 9th. Here is a sweet flyer for that show:

To view the whole photo set go here:

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