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Photos by Nicholas Karlin, words by Kaylee Dugan

I don’t know whats wrong with D.C. but there are not enough restaurants going all out for Halloween. Yes, Oyamel has their day of the dead festival and I know Black Squirrel is doing a movie / craft beer / candy celebration but it’s not enough. Nothing is enough.

Pumpkin Smash-3

But do you know who is knocking it out of the park? City Tap House. This Monday they shoved a 450 pound pumpkin into the space above their bar, hallowed it out, and filled it with Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Great Pumpkin Georgia Brown. It was hard to tell if the brown sugar forward pumpkin ale had taken on any of the flavors of the actual pumpkin, but it was fun and silly and huge state fair-esque pumpkins are cool so who cares.

Tonight they’re throwing what may be one of the coolest Halloween related events this year, the Beetlejuice dinner. It’s a multi course situation with beer pairings featuring Allagash, and yes, they will be showing Beetlejuice the entire time. Weird and fun shit like this is exactly what our city needs.

Pumpkin Smash-2Pumpkin Smash-4Pumpkin Smash-6Pumpkin Smash-1